Chopper Blue Lumo 13" 7oz

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Behold the Chopper, a fitting name given its impressive catch records, is responsible for luring dozens of big blue marlin boat-side, with close to a million dollars in tournament money in Australia alone. With the hydrodynamics of a tradition plunger, diving deep before breaking the surface to take another breath, the Chopper's secret to its success is the sizeable full-face scoop giving it a vigorous side-to-side swimming action, the added keel-weighting providing the stability that sets this scoop-face lure up as the easy victim—also proving an excellent lure for tease and switch.
The Chopper has been in the game since 1998, designed by Dave Venn as a long corner or short rigger lure to target pacific blues. Blue Ocean Lures is pleased to showcase a stunning set of custom JB Choppers, each dressed by Venn in his favourite colours using top quality BOM skirts. This head is an ice-blue pour with a mother of pearl shell-lam insert, large red foil eyes, skirted in Yo Zuri skirts, silver blue slash over lumo.