Marlin Magic Legend Pairs with legendary

      Ruckus & Legend

      Legend pairs with legendary to form a one-time-only lethal combination of lure action and colour. The Marlin Magic Ruckus, voted Marlin Mag top 10 lures of all time, dressed in Roddy Hays' own Legend Lures top-performing skirt combos.

      After almost a decade concurring Madera's Jurassic Park grander Blue Marlin, Capt. Roddy Hayes introduced his Legend lure range to New Zealand and the world. It wasn't long before Roddy's lures and signature skirt colours had a following amongst NZ game fishers; Merlin in green and gold, Andromeda in blue, pink and silver, Dracula Petroleo and black and green, and more... Alas, following the season of 2008, Roddy was forced to depart NZ's shores, his boxes of skirts moved into a slow hibernation in a barn north of Auckland, the Legend Lure range sold, and Roddy's original colour range lost to the archives.

      Now, more than a decade on, Roddy's original skirts have come out of hibernation, in pristine condition, and ready to swim the waters of New Zealand once again. With input from Roddy's NZ agent David, aka 'Obald', Blue Ocean Lures has resurrected some of Roddy's top-performing colour range, this time, though, pairing them with a Signature Series Marlin Magic Ruckus head, hand-made by the legendary Gary Eoff.

      With not too many of Roddy's original skirts remaining and a limited edition run of Gary's Signature, Spicey Series Ruckus heads, the range is limited to just a handful of each colour – only available from Blue Ocean Lures NZ.  Note: All skirts have been trimmed 'Roddy-style', the top skirt shorter than the inner by an inch or two and skirt ends cut to a point.

      9 products

      9 products