Marlin Magic Spicey Series

      Marlin Magic Lures was founded in 1980 by Captain Marlin Parker, teaming up with master craftsman Gary Eoff. Marlin Magic quickly became the largest maker of consistently producing game fishing lures on the market.

      Each of the custom Marlin Magic lures seen here are individually hand-made by Gary Eoff himself, using the highest quality shell veneer, to make a multi-sided insert within Eoff's single or multi-pour highly-polished resin heads.

      Marlin fishing history in the making
      It was 1945 when Captain George Parker stopped by the construction site of the Kona Inn, some discarded scraps of chrome tubing catching his eye. Parker collected some of the scraps and took them home to craft a lure that would become the start of a marlin fishing revolution. Inserting wood dowelling into the one-and-quarter-inch chrome pipe, Parker then cut it at an angle to create a lure similar to that of a tube. Optimist about his creation, George skirted it with red inner tubing and an outer skirt made from furniture upholstery. As others looked on from the dock with scepticism, Parkers' first trip was a success, returning a short time later with a 500lb marlin.

      Capt. George Parker caught went on to catch countless marlin on his chrome tubes. However, it was in November 1954 when Parker returned with the first certified grander blue marlin. It wasn't long after George's record catch that his first son was born, aptly named Marlin in honour of the mighty fish. At age five, Marlin helped his mother and father fight a fish estimated at over 1000lb. Marlin took over the helm while his mother and father took turns in the chair. Unfortunately, the family team is losing the fish after a colossal battle of might—The rest is history.

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      33 products

      33 products