Blue Ocean Vinyl Skirts


      "We only source the highest quality vinyl, for bigger smoke trails, fewer tangles, delivering consistent hookups."

      Blue Ocean Lures stock the largest range of vinyl skirting in New Zealand, choose from our extensive range of glitter-filled colours to create your own colour combo.

      Sourcing the highest quality vinyl is vital in delivering the durability and characteristic 'smoke trail' created by the woven poly-cotton backing. It is these characteristics that have made vinyl the premium lure skirting choice for professional skippers and tournament boats around the world.

      Blue Ocean Premium Skirting Vinyl 

          • Poly-cotton 'open' weave backing grabs more air for bigger smoke trails.

          • Super smooth surface preventing bill grabbing or tangles.

          • Super durable none stretch virgin vinyl.

          • Light-weight and flexible enhancing lure performance.

          • Rich colours sprinkled with laminated glitters.

          • Sheet size 300mm x 450mm coverage up to three lures depending on lure head circumference.

      1 product

      1 product