Fudo Tournament Strength


FUDO dates back over a hundred years, producing premium iron made fishing hooks in a small factory town in Nishiwaki, the heart of Japan's Hyogo Prefecture. Nishiwaki has a long and storied history of manufacturing the world's premier fishing hooks.


FUDO Super Ocean represents the strongest, most reliable big game hooks on the market. Commercial-grade through and through, built to withstand long, drawn-out battles with large game fish; grander marlin, colossal swordfish and dozer tuna providing peace of mind for anglers chasing that fish of a lifetime. When pursuing some of the most powerful fish in the ocean, the hook represents the crucial link between angler and fish.


These are the hooks you wish you had at the end of the line that one time. It all starts with the hook's material, FUDO sourcing premium-grade Japanese stainless for all Super Ocean hooks. The steel used is naturally very strong and rust-resistant but not brittle. The quality of the material is clear when inspecting a FUDO Super Ocean hook. All Super Ocean Hooks use up-sized wire gauge (7/0 uses 8/0 wire diameter), adding an extra 0.25mm of thickness. While this adds about 15% weight to the hooks, it is not a significant increase, given the additional strength gained. The extra material is noticeable when compared to competitors' products, but it does not present any differently when fished, nor is such a hook overkill when chasing smaller game fish. These hooks are perfectly suited when fishing for meat or leisure.


FUDO Super Ocean Hooks are sticky sharp, providing excellent penetration capabilities. Each hook is individually hand-formed and sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Japan to ensure quality and fishability out of the box.


FUDO hooks undergo heat treatment and tempering that ensures superior strength in the final product, FUDO adjusting the time and temperature to achieve exceptional results. Lastly, hooks are put through passivation treatment to ensure additional corrosion resistance that provides greater longevity when exposed to harsh marine conditions.

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