FUDO Super Ocean HOOKS



      FUDO Super Ocean hooks are designed to be the very strongest tournament-grade hooks on the market today, without compromise. When everything is on the line, these are the hooks you want in the water. See for yourself why many of the world's leading captains and tournament teams trust FUDO. The construction of this classic hook starts with premium Japanese stainless steel. Each hook is hand-formed and sharpened by skilled craftsmen in Japan to ensure quality and fishability out of the box.


        FUDO Super Ocean manufactures a range of hook styles and sizes to suit all fishing techniques, from trolling lures to deep-drop baits, grander blue marlin, striped marlin, collosal swords to monstrous tuna.
        • Grander Curved
        • Hayes Open
        • Southern Tuna J
        • Tuna J

            NEEDLE OR RING EYE

            FUDO give you a choice; needle eye is a preferred connection point for building stainless cable hook-sets, creating a smooth transition with less bulk, eyes formed with a punch and painstakingly de-burred one by one to eliminate rough edges. The traditional ring eye hooks support both steel and mono hook-sets, the ring eye more suited to a swinging hook, live-baits or deep-drop dead-baits.

            7 products

            7 products