Blue Ocean Swordfish Rigs

      "Built tough in NZ using the highest quality materials, able to withstand long drawn out battles, providing peace of mind for anglers chasing that fish of a lifetime."  

      Assembled in New Zealand using only the highest quality materials, all rigs are tested on a Momoi X-Hard 400lb leader, with a single Fudo Super Ocean Hayes 11/0 J hook. Two green strobing lights one meter apart will be sure to get the attention of your target species, and for your larger squid baits, fat belly-flaps or dead-baits, we use XL head diameter squid skirts, giving you more room to stitch in your baits of choice. Skirts are 340mm long and come in four tantalising colours.

      When pursuing one of the most powerful fish in the ocean, the hook represents the crucial link between you and success, which is why we use FUDO Super Ocean hooks capable of landing that 'Jurassic Park' size sword. 

      Select your pre-made rig, and then add your choice of extra skirts to mix it up and prepare your ready-made baits for that deep-drop mission. 

        10 products

        10 products