Dichro Large Tado Scoop 16" 19oz

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The Coggin Large Tado is a straight up Grander Marlin killer. Steve's most popular head shape and listed as one of the 10 ten marlin lures by Marlin Mag. This monster of a lure is Steve's second largest to the Extreme Tado.  The Tado has a huge double taper with a scooped nose and 4-hole jets. Very heavy at 19oz. Run as a grander bait or switch Teaser. 

This heads is a triple pour fuchsia and orange over clear, with hand-cut dichromatic glass inserts, red and black handmade resin eyes and quad oversized brass jets.

Steve has crafted just a handful of his top-performing lure shapes using his signature hand-cut dichroic glass inserts. Dichroic glass has unique qualities that have proven deadly in marlin lures. This next-level of light refraction gives the lure head the appearance of being electronically charged, sending shards of colour in every direction, especially in low light levels.