Angry Squid Rudy 14" 6.5oz

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Brett Crane designed the Rudy in 2017, just before the Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, known as the "The Worlds Richest Tournament" in the world, clipped from the rigger its first fish went to the scales. The Rudy is a double-tapered keel weighted plunger with an overall length of 14". A deep diver with persuasive head shakes, making this lure an absolute killer for striped and blue marlin. A stand-out corner lure, though if targeting blues, the Rudy is a top performer on your riggers. This head is a marbled orange-bronze insert with large hand-made 3D glitter blue and black eyes. Skirted with BOM skirts black and red slash over orange and pink – The Crane Lures Rudy is a proven lure amongst tournament boats. Make a Crane Rudy your next tournament winner!