Whistler Pro Series 8.5"

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The Whistler Pro Series is one of the most multi-functional and versatile lures on the market today. Greg initially designed the Whistler as 'bait chugger head' for rigging dead ballyhoo, rigged with a single hook and run in close, the Whistler can also be run as a tease and switch bait, daisy chain or from a dredge. However, the Whistler has also proved itself as a top-performing lure on marlin, tuna and mahimahi, and in October 2020 received accolades from the world's game fishing community after landing the heaviest big eye tuna ever to be caught in the Atlantic ocean, weighing in at 434lb and recorded as the world's 2nd heaviest big eye tuna, by just 1lb.

The Whistler is a six-hole jet head made with a hand-poured resin, not injection mold plastic. It is 8.5" long and measures just under 1.25" wide, the light-weight, incredibly resilient, skirting-hair hand-tied in the U.S.A. 

Multi-functional GT Whistler Pro Series

  • Standard trolling lure with a single 8/0 or 9/0 swinging hook-set.

  • Trolling bait-chugger or pitch bait with a piper or mackerel and a single 10/0 curved hook rig.

  • Tease and switch bait-chugger to swim a piper or mackerel

  • Run in a daisy chain or run from a dredge.