Strawberry Pearl Plunger 14" 9OZ

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These Tanigawa Pearl Plungers are hand-made by Lon as a custom order for Blue Ocean Lures in a traditional plunger pearl-essence style with red and black foil eyes. 
They follow a traditional plunger style, originally designed by Capt. Gene Vander Hoek in the 1970s and then made famous by Joe Yee. A world-renowned lure when targeting monster marlin, this large plunger will be right at home on your corners or riggers.
These custom plungers are poured with pearl-essence resin in various colours with red and black foil eyes. Then custom skirted Kona style in the finest quality Yo Zuri Japanese skirts over Mold Craft Tuff Tails, providing a perfectly balanced skirting allowing this deep-diving plunger head to swim unrestricted with tight-aggressive head shakes.

This head is a strawberry pearl pour with foil eyes, skirted in Gay Bob colours with a Yo Zuri skipjack top skirt over purple and blue Mold Craft Tuff Tails.