Secret Weapon 10" 4.5oz

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Introducing the GT Secret Weapon – the success of this 10" dynamo confirming its weapon-like ranking, though it is less of a secret amongst those chasing gamefish.  The swimming action of the 4.5oz keel-weighted scoop is one to ignite the predatory instinct of any pelagic, digging in, swimming sub-surface with a side to side action, it then appears to accelerate, popping hard on the surface to catch air, before repeating its captivating routine over and over again.  When the fishing is challenging, the Secret Weapon will be one to drop to the back of your spread, out on long rigger or shotgun this dynamo will go straight to work, ready to do battle, returning boat-side with its prey firmly secured. The head is a clear pour, with yellow and black squid eyes on a silver foil 4.5oz weighted insert, dressed in BOM skirts, natural squid colours, clear-silver over pearl-white.