Pink Pearl Hot Fusia Smoker 9" 5oz

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The 9" Smoker is by far, Mark's and Jessie's most popular lure that yellowfin just can't resist! It has established a reputation as bait that triggers fast-aggressive strikes from hungry tuna, aptly named due to the massive smoke trail it emits, air entering through a large-volume open face and exiting through four side-port jets toward the back of the head. Best run high from the riggers or shotgun this lure relentlessly digs in deep in any sea condition. Handmade one at a time, this 9" Smoker is in white pearl with large red and gold eyes, skirted with Yo Zuri skirts clear sparkle over Hot Pink.

These limited edition Smokers are skirted at 10", though can be chopped down to 9".