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The Marlin Magic Ruckus is listed in the top ten lures of all time by Marlin Magazine. Capt. Marlin Parker and Gary Eoff have been making lures for more than 20 years, and the Ruckus was one of their first.
"We designed the Ruckus after chopping down a much larger head and shaving the nose," says Parker. "The resulting head shape carries a lot of air down on the dive, with an explosion of white bubbles as it releases the air underwater, mimicking a fleeing Ahi. That's why we named it Ruckus."
His most highly productive lure, Parker has won more tournaments with the Ruckus than any other. The Ruckus goes off in any position, and if you match the hatch, you should do well. When there's a lot of skipjack, pull a purple/black; if there are more mackerel around, pull one with some green and blue, and if in doubt an all-black Ruckus is just incredible."

These limited-edition Spicey Series are only available through Blue Ocean Lures NZ. Each a custom head colour, with shell laminate inserts and a selection of BOM skirting to match-the-hatch. Measuring 10" and weighing at 5.5oz this Ruckus is a perfect long corner or rigger lure. The head is a double pour blue and clear and a yellow shell-lam insert. Skirted in BOM skirts jack-mackerel over pink and white with yellow lateral lines.

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