Jetted Plunger 12" 8oz

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The Marlin Magic jetted medium plunger is an extremely versatile, easy run lure in all conditions, best run high from the riggers opposite straight-runner hard head for a double-take-bite. This heavy-weight 8oz jetted medium plunger lays a bubble trail thick and long as it dives deep with a subtle side-to-side swimming action from the forward and back taper, before popping to take another breath, it will entice an aggressive hit from all pelagic species; mahimahi, tuna, striped and blue marlin. Each a custom head colour with shell laminate inserts and a selection of BOM skirting to match-the-hatch. Measuring 12" this head is a clear pour with an abalone shell-lam insert and large red foil eyes skirted in BOM flying fish colours.