Jetted Baby-Blue 11" 6.5oz

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Marlin Magic jetted baby-blue, the jets may be valid though the name a misnomer, as this jetted bullet leaves the trail of a lure twice its size. Marlin Magic has been making high-speed lures and bullets for more than 20 years, tested on some of the world's biggest blue marlin and Ahi tuna. Run best from the riggers or shotgun laying out a black-water ripple like that of an injured baitfish finning the surface as swims. This jetted baby blue is going get bitten from anything close by; mahimahi, tuna, striped or blue marlin. Each a custom head colour, with shell laminate inserts and a selection of BOM skirting to match-the-hatch. Measuring 11" this head is a clear pour with abalone-salt and pepper insert and large red eyes skirted in BOM saury colours.