Super Ocean Southern Tuna Ring Eye

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FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Ring Eye Hooks feature the traditional J-hook, tuna bend throat and offer anglers the best in class strength and quality. Though the Southern Tuna hook's heritage stems from its favour within the tuna fleet, they are excellent hooks for trolling all pelagic species and baiting swordfish.
These hooks carry the Super Ocean designation. This extra strength is achieved through heavier gauge wire, each size hook leveraging the gauge of the next size up, which adds approximately 0.25mm to the diameter. The construction of this classic hook starts with premium Japanese stainless steel. In Japan, skilled craftsmen hand-form and sharpen each hook to ensure they are ready to fish out of the box.

FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Ring Eye Sizing Guide.
Comparable Hook Shape: Mustad 7691

8/0 41mm 26mm 70mm
9/0 46mm 32mm 80mm
10/0 52mm 33mm 87mm
11/0 57mm 38mm 103mm
12/0 61mm 40mm 113mm