Dingo Flying Fish 10" 5oz

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The Dingo is one of the hottest, most versatile lures on the market, proven to be deadly across the range, from striped marlin, world-record tuna, bull mahimahi to gigantic blues. Its short time in NZ has gained a notable reputation for striped marlin on New Zealand's east and west coast. With the additional keel-weighting, the Dingo provides outstanding stability in every sea condition and a wide range of trolling speeds. This is reflective mirror head with goggle-eyes, skirted in Yo Zuri skirts Flying Fish colours.

Since its release in 2004, the JB Dingo has recorded the heaviest gamefish in Australian waters many times over, the heaviest gamefish for 24kg, 37kg and 60kg line-class weights. And World and Australian state records and held the heaviest marlin and tuna in NSW tournaments more than twenty times.