Dichro Copalure Invert 13" 9oz

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The Coggin Lures Copalure 4 jet invert is a double-tapered head with a deep cupped face that holds tight in all conditions. The forward and reverse taper creates a tight swimming action. Like its sibling plunger, the invert is a tournament class striped and blue marlin lure best run from the riggers. This head is a triple pour glitter-blue over clear and a yellow lateral, with Steve's hand-cut dichromatic glass inserts and skirted with Blue Ocean Manufacturing skirts in Mahimahi colours.

Steve has crafted just a handful of his top-performing lure shapes using his signature hand-cut dichroic glass inserts. Dichroic glass has unique qualities that have proven deadly in marlin lures. This next-level of light refraction gives the lure head the appearance of being electronically charged, sending shards of colour in every direction, especially in low light levels.