Deluxe Shell Edition XL Ruckus 16" 11oz

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This Deluxe Shell Edition XL Ruckus is a double pour blue top over clear with a three sided abalone shell slab insert.

This head comes unskirted - Recommend 14" Yo-Zuri or Blue Ocean Manufacturing skirts. For a primo head match cut your own custom vinyl skirts in classic Evil colours, using Teal-Blue over Belly-flap Premium vinyl with a few strands of green, red and gold Mold Craft Tuff Tails. 

Head dimensions length 85mm x diameter 58mm excluding skirt shoulders. Recommended skirted lure length 390mm to 440mmm (16-18")

"We designed the Ruckus after chopping down a much larger head and shaving the nose," says Parker. "The resulting head shape carries a lot of air down on the dive, with an explosion of white bubbles as it releases the air underwater, mimicking a fleeing Ahi. That's why we named it Ruckus." His most highly productive lure, Parker has won more tournaments with the Ruckus than any other.