Blue-Lime Lumo Kainui 10" 6.5oz

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Kainui, meaning 'Big Ocean', is a must-have blue water lure for every pelagic species. Created in the '80s by legendary lure maker the late Tom Futa, Tom passed his techniques and original molds to Rotella. Its 40+ year career has seen countless marlin and tuna fall prey to this deadly bait. At just 10", the big, little Kainui is impressive to watch as it works the wash with the attitude of a lure twice its size. Its quad-alloy jets putting out an intense smoke trail, and its double taper, rear-weighted head displaying an irresistible swimming style—Kainui is a certified game-raiser.

The head is a two-pour green over clear with an abalone shell-lam insert, and BOM skirts, blue-lime slash over lumo.