Tanigawa 4-Hole Disco Balls Jetted Bullets


      These Tanigawa 9" 4-Hole disco-ball jetted bullets are sensational big tuna magnets and absolute killers anywhere in your spread. Skirted in the highest quality Hedron Flashabou, there's a colour spectrum that'll capture your eye, and that monster southern bluefin this season.

      Lon was one of the first to create a lure head style that has since been named the disco ball, individually cut squares of reflective mirror surrounding the weighted inserts on his killer 4-Hole Bullets. 

      While working with Lon on this custom range for Blue Ocean Lures, I learned of Lon's wonderful nature, passion for life and the time and care he puts into his lure designs. With great pleasure, we have the opportunity to share some of Lon's creations with New Zealand fishermen.

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      4 products

      4 products