Selecting a Blue Marlin Spread


      Short corner

      Big, splashy, clearly visible, dark colours silhouetted when it dives below the prop wash are characteristics of a top-performing short corner bait. A Lure length of 14" - 16" in tube, pear or plunger style. My go-to options include a Super Plunger style head from Steve Coggin, Brett Crane or one of Lon Tangigawa's strawberry or blueberry pearl SP's. A Leslie 15" XL Tube is my next go to, especially on calmer days, adding some surface commotion to the otherwise flat-calm conditions. Lastly, a Marlin Magic XL Ruckus or Captains Choice, all of the above I fish on 500LB min with a FUDO Super Ocean Grander Curve 12/0 or Hayes Open 11/0, single hook stiff rig.

      Long corner 

      Keep the action going, as we're not looking to make friends! Something in the 13-14" range, big face, something aggressive that's going to attack the water, appearing to smash its way back to the boat, occasionally breaking the surface with an out-of-control skitter, then diving deep with an aggressive, clearly pissed-off head shake. I find it hard to go past the large 13" Ruckus in Classic Kona colours, rated by Marlin Mag as one of the top ten marlin lures in the world. Next up is a Coggin Lures Copulure 90 degree or Copalure Big Slant 45, both highly productive big marlin lures.

      Short & Long Riggers

      Out on your riggers, still want something that draws attention to itself, though with a bit of head length or heavy taper so that it remains steady out-wide. Go to shapes include plungers, pears and hardheads, something with enough face it's going to make a splash. There are plenty of options for these productive positions. Arm the short rigger with a 12" to 13" lure, such as a Crane Rudy 14", Gene Vander Hoek 12" plunger, Crane medium Plunger Plus or Trooper, Leslie Trouble or a Coggins 90 deg flat-face. And on the long rigger, something in the 10" to 12" range such as a Crane medium plunger, Coggin Copalure scoop, or a 9" 4-hole jet broken glass bullet from Lon Tanigawa.


      Usually is a smaller lure of 8-9 inches as elephants do eat peanuts. Bullets are highly productive in this position and, when positioned correctly, will fin the surface like an injured baitfish, otherwise known as a black water ripple. Alternatively, run a small hard head with a 90-degree face, a small tube or Kainui 10" Slant, or a subsurface bullet-style fish head from Ali Kai. 

      The shotgun will often be your wildcard, picking up the rear when a blue misses a strike on the corners or riggers, finishing off with an easy-eat meal outback. For some, the shotgun accounts for more than 25% of blue marlin bites, so make sure you rig every lure for business. 


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      181 products