Blue Ocean Lures Premium Vinyl Skirts — Choose slim hips and a shorter skirt to raise your game!

#1 Vinyl trolling skirts

Slim hips and shorter skirts! 

A lures head shape creates the swimming action, whether a plunger, tube, pear or bullet style lure. The skirts provide stability while disguising the hook-set. Too long a skirt or heavy skirts stop the lure from swimming as the maker intended, while poorly fitted skirts with hips outside the lure head circumference will kill a lures swimming action. As the saying goes, don't let the tail wag the dog!

A pair of quality skirts will set you back $18 - $30 depending upon lure size, so if it makes the difference of just one target species for the day, you'll know it was worth it. Name of the game—aim for well-shaped hips and shorter skirts!

Why do some skippers choose vinyl?

  1. Better bubble trail – Vinyl will produce more 'smoke' with a longer and more dense bubble. The Poly-cotton 'open' weave backing grabbing more air when the lure pops. 
  2. Lighter weight – Vinyl skirts are lightweight than rubber skirts letting the lure swim as intended, better side-to-side head shakes, and more explosive pops. 
  3. Perfect head to skirt transitions – Winyl allows for a perfectly streamlined transition from the lure head to the skirt, reducing the big hips or skirt bulge mentioned earlier. Remember, tight and short raises the game!
  4. Fewer tangles – Poor quality or sticky rubber skirts can become tangled in themselves or double hook-rigs. Vinyl legs with inner tuff-tails have fewer strands, so they are less likely to tangle.
  5. Strength and colour-fastness - Some rubber skirts quickly lose their colour depending on how they're washed or their skirt strands after being whacked a few times. Vinyl is more resilient and will go the distance for longer. 

When to use vinyl? 

Surface popping lures, plungers, tubes or pears break the surface, grabbing air to form the bubble trail, making itself more visible to marauding marlin below. For these style lures, vinyl is the preference for many profession skippers, as it produces better results. Avoid using vinyl on lures smaller than 12" or 300mm. Bullets favour heavier rubbers skirts or streamlined flashibou as they want to run under the surface to create a black-ripple effect, appearing to fin the surface while tracking.

    All lures skirted by Blue Ocean Lures NZ use the highest quality glitter-vinyl and a few strands of Mold Craft Tuff Tails for inner skirt colour. If you would like to learn more about skirting in vinyl, send me a message, and I can share some tips. 

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    Get a little creative with your vinyl skirting — Below: Marlin Magic Deluxe Edition Ruckus (Gold Lip Mother of Pearl) skirted in New Zealand Koheru colours, Mint Green and Silver vinyl over chartreuse and black Tuff Tails. 
    Blue Ocean Lures Marlin Magic Ruckus skirted in vinyl Koheru coloursBlue Ocean Lures Marlin Magic Ruckus skirted in vinyl Koheru coloursBlue Ocean Lures Marlin Magic Ruckus skirted in vinyl Koheru colours